Old Catholic Church In Hinche Haiti – built in 1503 by Nicolas de Ovando

Photo of  Immaculee Conception Catholic church in Hinche

Interesting Places and Monuments; 500-year-old cathedral in Hinche

People in Hinche refer to it as “ansyen catedral la” (The old cathedral) simply because a New cathedral was constructed in the city. (La plus ancienne cathédrale de l’Amérique est haïtienne)

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It is the Oldest Catholic cathedral in America, not just the United States, the entire continent, is in Hinche, Plateau Central, Haiti… This old Cathedral in Hinche was built in 1503 by Nicolas de Ovando

This old church in still in service, It has been restored to it’s original look and it serves as one of the historical monuments you must visit on your next trip to Haiti

Photo credit: http://www.belpoz.com/


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